*NOW FINISHED* Gamestop Reveal Mega Monday Deals

As we told you yesterday, Gamestop.ie are doing a range of deals today for Mega Monday. The selection of deals for each console is below, so hopefully you see something that takes your fancy in either games or a brand new console.

Video Games

Mega Monday Bundle – 2 Games for €14.97 available here. Selection includes The Darkness II (Limited Edition PS3/Xbox 360), Syndicate: Executive Edition ( PS3/Xbox 360 ) plus more


Pre-Owned Games

Gears of War 3 – €9.97 available here
LA Noire – €8.97 available here.
Homefront – €6.97 available here.
COD: MW3 – €9.97 available here.

Plus More here. (Some games require Online Pass, such as Bulletstorm which is not included in Pre-Owned version.)



Mega Monday PS VITA Bundle – Call of Duty branded PS VITA, Call of Duty: Declassified download code, Call of Duty branded pouch + 4GB Memory Card all for only €199.97 available here.


Mega Monday PS3 120GB (Slimline Pre-Owned) – €129.97 available here.
Mega Monday PS3 320GB (Slimline Pre-Owned) – €179.97 available here.


Additional Items

Xbox LIVE (3 Months) – €15.97 available here.
Xbox LIVE (12 Months) – €39.97 available here.


More deals are available on Gamestops website ONLY UNTIL 8PM TONIGHT!

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