The Gaming Independents VGA Winner Predictions


As the 10th annual VGA (Video Game Awards) take place this Friday in California on Spike TV (and Xbox LIVE), we have a look at the nominees and pick who we think will pick up the awards, plus who will be crowned Game Of The Year.

Best Xbox 360 Game
Halo 4
Borderlands 2
Assassins Creed III

This an obvious winner with Halo 4 easily snatching the trophy in this category. Adding much more to the loved Halo series, 343 have outdone both themselves and Halo

Best PS3 Game
Assassins Creed III
Borderlands 2

PS3 had a rather weak year, but Assassins Creed III was a bright light, even if it was multi-platform.

Best Wii/U Game
New Super Mario Bros. U
The Last Story
Xenoblade Chronicles

Balancing the retroness of Mario with new fresh ideas, Mario Bros. will never stop going. Ever.

Best PC Game
Diablo III
Guildwars II
Torchlight II
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Never has such excitement been around a PC game since WoW. Diablo III made sure it was the best and stayed the best. Get on this… NOW!

Best Shooter
Max Payne 3
Black Ops 2
Borderlands 2
Halo 4

A close one, but again Halo 4 picks up our VGA. With its new array of weapons amongst the old, any shooter fan will love this

Best Action/Adventure
Assassins Creed III
Darksiders II
Sleeping Dogs

Not a great year in this category, but not terrible. Assassins Creed 3 and Dishonored were neck and neck her, but Dishonored just pulled ahead. With super powers and the ability to play the game in different styles, this is Assassins Creed meets Bioshock

Best RPG
Diablo III
Mass Effect 3
Torchlight II
Xenoblade Chronicles

It doesn’t deliver anything new, but rather improves on the old. This will keep you looting for hours.

Best Multiplayer
Borderlands 2
Black Ops 2
Guild Wars 2
Halo 4

With new modes, free co-op DLC and all around Halo madness, Halo 4 dominates this category

Best Individual Sports Game
Hot Shots Golf World Invitational
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
WWE ‘13

An amazing return to form to a game we haven’t seen in 5 years. SSX features real time weather, along with a remix tool for music which most games should have

Best Team Sports Game
Madden NFL 13
NBA 2K13
NHL 13

As the most successful sports franchise in history  FIFA 13 showcases why, adding new additions and improved graphics and now with Kinect and Move functionality, the series won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Best Driving Game
DIRT: Showdown
Forza Horizon
F1 2012
Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Although there is no set story like other Need for Speeds, Most Wanted shows it doesn’t need one… Beautifully  With stunning graphics and high speed chases Most Wanted is a clear winner.

Best Song In A Game
Castle of Glass – Linkin Park (Medal of Honor: Warfighter)
Cities – Beck (Sound Shapes)
I Was Born For This –Austin Wintory (Journey)
Tears – Health (Max Payne 3)

Tears sets the tone for the Max Payne series as a whole with lyrics like “Trust us now/It’s time to let me go/Give up for now/Follow what you want” Rockstar make us feel like we are in a film with action and heartbreak.

Best Original Score
Black Ops 2
Halo 4
May Payne 3

Proper soothing music for such a relaxing game, this score from Austin Wintory is a surprise winner in a category that includes Halo 4

Best Graphics
Halo 4
Assassins Creed III

It had no real competition. Halo 4’s graphic are absolutely stunning, everything a gamers hopes for after they finally get the game and not looking at trailers. It promised and thankfully delivered.

Best DLC
Dawnguard (Skyrim)
Leviathon (Mass Effect 3)
Mechromancer Pack (Borderlands 2)
Perpetual Testing Initiative (Portal 2)

The first DLC for Skyrim, you are given the choice of joining the league of vampires or fighting them. Chances are if you own Skyrim, you already have it

Best Downloadable Game
The Walking Dead
Sound Shapes

Fans of the comics were sceptical that TellTale Games could translate the series to interactivity, much like they were about the TV Show.

Most Anticipated Game Of 2013
Bioshock: Infinite
South Park: The Stick of Truth
The Last of Us
Tomb Raider

Although many will say GTA V, we haven’t seen actual footage, so can’t comment. What we have seen from Tomb Raider is a beautiful reinvention that takes Lara Croft down the same path the Uncharted series took. Keep an eye on this one

Character Of The Year
Connor (Assassins creed III)
Master Chief (Halo 4)
Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 3)
Raul Menendez (Black Ops 2)
Clap Trap (Borderlands 2)

Menendez is a true villian. He craved revenge, but under that was love. Similar to Javier Bardems character in Skyfall. Something hard to translate to video games. Call of Duty is known for its multiplayer, but time after time delivers an engaging story.

Studio Of The Year
343 Industries
Gearbox Software
Arkane Studios
TellTale Games

For challenging Bungie alone 343 deserve this reward. The took a series that has so much history, with massive expectations and created new history with even bigger expectations.

Game Of The Year
The Walking Dead
Mass Effect 3
Assassins Creed III

A downloadable point and click is Game of the Year? Who would have thought it. It beat heavy hitters like Assassins Creed and Mass Effect. Well done TellTale, well done

The Spike TV VGA Show will be on this Friday at 2AM GMT/6PM PT/9PM ET. It will also be streamed over Xbox LIVE, no word on Europe getting the stream. Also on the show will be trailers for Bioshock: Infinite, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2, Gears of War: Judgement and The Last Of Us.

TGI is also predicting that Half-Life 3 will be premièred at the show, set to challenge GTA V and Bioshock: Infinite in 2013

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