Bioshock: Infinite Delayed (Again)

Bioshock: Infinite has been delayed again, now set for a March 26th 2013 release. It was originally set for February 26th release, but Irrational Games confirmed today it won’t make that window.


Speaking to IGN, Ken Levine, Creative Director behind Infinite said “It’s primarily polish and bug fixing,” creative director Ken Levine told IGN. “You know, ‘let’s make that narrative scene that much better. Let’s do another pass on the timing of that scene. Let’s do another balance pass.’ It’s a game we could have shipped in February. It just wouldn’t be the game that we think the fans deserve. And that doesn’t mean it was far off from that, but they deserve what they deserve. And when we ask people to pony up a lot of money for this game, we have to feel confident that we’re giving them something that they deserve.”

The announcement comes days after the official box was revealed and a world premiere trailer announced for the VGA show tonight

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