Journey Given Grammy Nomination

Gaming is getting some full on mainstream attention of late, in a good way for once. The list of nominees was revealed last night for the 55th Annual Grammys. Scrolling through the list we see the likes of Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Mumford and Sons. Then we get to the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media category and a little old game called Journey is there.

This is the first time any video game score has been recognised by the Grammys, which makes it a pretty big deal. The category isn’t an easy one though with big hitters to come up against with The Dark Knight Rises, Hugo, The Adventures of Tintin, The Artist and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo all in the category. But if Journey does win the award it will make Grammy and video game history.

Journeys composer, Austin Wintory, took to Twitter with this to say:
journey tweet

He and the rest of the gaming world both. So here’s hoping it wins the category when the winners are announced on February 10th. Here’s to seeing Bioshock: Infinite and GTA V at the Oscars next year.

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