As you know (or may not know) the 10th annual VGA show is on tonight in California. A LIVE Stream is available on Xbox LIVE to European VGA fans, but if you can’t make it to your Xbox, we have you covered.


TGI will be hosting a live feed  throughout the show in real time (by real-time we mean you hit refresh every so often). We will name the winners as they are announced and upload the trailers when they are released. Hopefully our VGA predictions from yesterday were right (were looking at you Walking Dead). If you’re more of a social networker we will be also updating our twitter feed with a mega-tonne of information (#TGIVGA). So join us and celebrate the gaming Oscars or rather Grammys ;). All of the fun starts at 1AM GMT/6PM PT/9PM ET

Let it be noted that the Xbox LIVE Stream will be for Gold members only as confirmed by @Aceybongos on Twitter.

When the show starts this link will take you straight to the feed.


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