Welcome everybody to the TGI LIVE Blog for the 10th Annual 2012 VGA Show, hosted by Samuel Jackson. In the show will be trailers, announcements and of course awards with the coveted Game Of The Year up for grabs. Follow us on Twitter: @Gaming_Indo

03:58 – Thanks to all who stayed with us

03:58 – And with this we log off. Everything will be uploaded tomorrow

03:57 – Tenacious D close the show

03:55 – TellTale Games also wins Studio of the Year

03:55 – Game of the Year is… The Walking Dead

03:54 – Sam Jackson is the real Black Ops

03:49 – 5 minute break

03:48 – Looks hectic. Good!

03:45 – Sit back and enjoy lots of Bioshock: Infinite

03:44 – Small Spartan Ops trailer, haven’t played Spartan Ops but looks interesting

03:43 – Big Bang Theory guy doesn’t look nearly nerdy enough

03:42 – Half-Life 3 please NAO!

03:41 – Half Life 2

03:40 – Nominees are strong including Half-Life, Batman, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption and more

03:39 – Game of the Decade…

03:37 – Sam Jackson in Minecraft

03:31 – Claptrap wins Character of the Year (Borderlands 2)

03:28 – Definitely one to look out for, Uncharted fans will love. March 5th 2013

03:27 – Tomb Raider voice actor, Camilla Luddington, presents brand new Tomb Raider trailer

03:26 – Sam Jackson in Bioshock: Infinite

03:25 – Still to come is GOTY, Bioshock: Infinite and Tomb raider

03:24 – Returns in 1 minute

03:19 – Gears of War: Judgement première

03:17 – Commander Shepards Character nomination

03:16 – Première of Tyranny of King Washington for Assassins Creed III

03:14 – Snoop Lion takes to the stage

03:07 – Gear of War: Judgement up in just a few minutes

03:06 – Sam Jackson in Angry Birds

03:04 – Also wins best PS3 game and already won Original Score

03:04 – Best Indie Game is… Journey

03:00 – Linkin Park perform Castle of Glass from Medal of Honor up for Best Song

02:58 – Raul Menendez Character of the Year nomination

02:56 – Back in 1 minute

02:51 – Best Action/Adventure goes to… Dishonored

02:49 – Dark Souls II. Looks stunning

02:48 – World Première of…

02:47 – Jessica Alba being fit. Also, water is wet

02:45 – Clapatraps Character of the Year nomination

02:43 – South Park: Stick of truth

02:42 – Mass Effect wins Best RPG

02:41 – Back in 3:00

02:39 – Sam Jackson as Cortana

02:37 – Konami show Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. Set in modern times

02:36 – Finally we see the enemy, some sort of infected

02:35 – The Naughty Dog team have outdone themselves

02:34 – Last of Us now

02:33 – Connors Character of the Year nomination

02:31 – Phantom Pain trailer

02:30 – Skyrim wins Best DLC for Dawnguard

02:26 Looking for South Park and Phantom Pain trailers now for those who missed them

02:24 – Assassins Creed III composer brings us through the Game of the Year category with music. Quality stuff

02:23 – Sam Jackson in the Walking Dead

02:15 – Wolfgang Gartner is the DJ. Well done VGA 🙂

02:15 – Character of the Year nominees, first up is Master Chief

02:14 – What was that?

02:14 – The Phantom Pain (All in game footage)

02:10 – Another World première

02:09 – Also wins Best Multiplayer

02:09 – The winner is… Borderlands 2!!!

02:08 – VGA becomes a Walking Dead overload with more of the cast presenting Best Shooter.

02:06 – Story follows you as the “New kid” in town. Keeps same humour as the TV show.

02:05 – First première is South Park: The Stick of Truth

02:03 – Samuel L. Jackson had a pretty cool elaborate entrance.

02:01 – South Park takes on The Hobbit

02:00 – Here we go, South Park kicks it off

01:58 – South Park: The Stick of Truth to kick VGA show in 2 minutes

01:55 – Geoff Keighley teases a franchise that is set to make a comeback tonight. Half-Life?

01:50 – Marlon Wayons get a movie plug in at video game awards. Good man.

01:47 – Michael Pachter,  “(Walking Dead) not a chance at Game of the Year”

01:42 – Halo 4 wins Best Xbox 360 Game and Best Graphics category.

01:41 – Austin Wintory, Journey composer, wins VGA for Best Original Score. Same score up for a Grammy.

01:40 – Mass Effect team is moving onto a new IP. Same road as Bungie?

01:37 – Camilla Luddington in the same shot as iJustine. Enough said

01:35 – Microsoft Studios VP, Phil Spencer “Really proud of 343” Awwww ❤

01:31 – Corey May, Assassins Creed III writer “We were accurately able to depict his (Connor) culture and heritage)

01:29 – Cliffy B “I think this is the 10th one” Well done Cliff

01:28 – Cliffy B “My GOTY is Dishonored”

01:26 – Samuel L. Jackson (Host) “We were playing Pong when my career started”

01:23 – Clementine voice actor, Melissa Hutchison, wins Best Female Voice of the Year.

01:20 – Dishonored creators being questioned about its world “There is nothing else like it in video games”

01:18 – Robert Kirkman, Walking Dead creator, talking the Walking Dead from TV to video games “They’ve created an amazing game”

01:16 – Handsome Jack voice actor, Dameon Clarke, wins Best Male Voice of the Year, the first VGA of the night

01:14 – I should mention iJustine and Daniel Kayser are interviewing on the Red Carpet

01:12 –  The Walking Dead Cast talking games and The Walking Dead Game, Norman Reedus (Daryl) talking voice acting


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