VGA: Phantom Pain


The World Première was shown tonight at the 10th annual VGA show. Whether it is this gen or next gen is yet unknown. The internet is buzzing, and money is on it being Metal Gear Solid 5, with a few Easter eggs hidden in the trailer from past Metal Gear games. If you look closely at the above logo you’ll notice small gaps missing from letters. It wasn’t long before the image below was created.


Most importantly the studio behind the game, Moby Dick Studios, was founded by a man called Joakim Mogren, with Joakim being an anagram of Kojima, the Metal Gear Solid creator. As well as that the surname Morgen is the name of a football team in Montenegro, where Metal Gear Rising: Revengence will start. All speculation, but for fans of the series this is huge. Trailer below entirely made from in-game footage

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