Video Game Collection Selling For $550,000

And you thought you had too many games

An eBay user has listed a mega collection of video games from 30 years of collecting across a vast range of consoles. The full list of games, which can be viewed here, features over 6800 games, over 330 consoles and more than 220 controllers with a whopping 185 accesories. All of the games can be viewed on imageshack here. The description reads:

“After a life spent collecting video games I decide to sell off my entire collection. I just have too much things and the space to store them is finished long ago… also I realized that if I want to play at least half of my games, I should live two or three entire human life

Just to give an idea of the huge amount of items present in my collection, I spent the last two months of my life taking pictures and making lists, working about eight hours a day just in order to make an inventory and to figure out what I have.

Even now after all the time spent checking things I’m not sure to have included all in the lists.. Due to the sheer amount of items is even difficult to present it, and I don’t really know were to start… so I try to do my best even if I’m sure I might forget something.nstead to pick up some favourite consoles and maybe try to complete all the games related, I choosed to collect most systems possible with the most rapresentative and rare games for each console.

This collection is the story of the videogames from A to Z, from the game & watch and old pong systems to the actual generation of PS3 and XBOX360.

I think that with all the stuff in this auction you can actually open a museum…”


The seller is Italian, so you can excuse his English.

So what do you think? $550,000 a fair price? Our question is where would you keep it all.

If you are interested head to the auction page here, you only have 7 days to bid, and nobody has yet.

We’ll let you know when (if) it all sells.

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