Tyranny Of King Washington Release Schedule

The dates for you to take revenge on King Washington have been announced by Ubisoft.

The details of the release dates for the three instalments of The Tyranny Of King Washington have been announced:

The Infamy will be available on Xbox 360 and Windows PCs on February 19th. With the release on PlayStation3 on February 20th as previously confirmed.

The Betrayal will release on Xbox 360 and Windows PCs on March 19. It will launch on PlayStation3 a day later, March 20th.

The Redemption will be available on Xbox 360  video game and Windows PCs on April 23rd. The PlayStation3 will receive the final instalment on April 24th.

A trailer showcasing Connor, now called Ratonhnhaké:ton (meaning life that is scratched), was also released in which we see his assassins robes have been traded for war paint, bear and wolf pelts as well as feathers. The ability to call fellow assassins for back up has been replaced and you can now call wolves to your aid.

The Tyranny of King Washington cost 800 Microsoft Points or £7.99, and is included for Season Pass holders. The DLC has been conformed for the Wii U, but no release date as of yet.

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