Tomb Raider Gameplay Demo

With less than a month till launch, Square Enix release over 10 minutes of gameplay.

The demo has Lara trying to get to the bottom of the mountain to help her captured friend, but things don’t go to plan. With a hard drop off a waterfall as well as free falling with a faulty parachute, Lara needs to help herself before she can help others.

The demo showcases how Lara uses cover to her advantage, as well as the environment  She uses a range of weapons in not only combat, but to traverse the environment as well. We see Lara come under heavy fire from enemies as she steps into one of their traps and is left hanging upside down with bullets flying towards her.

The game is looking a lot more realistic than Uncharted in terms of health and abilities with Lara not being her usual jumping self when she is injured.

Tomb Raider launches March 5th on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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