Bungie Reveal Destiny

The former Halo studio have unveiled their hopes and dream fro their new project.

Bungie showed us what they hope will be as big as the Halo franchise with an informative video about Destiny.

The video mainly focuses on the back-story of Destiny, then swiftly moves to developers talking about their new game. It mentions Destiny will span over ten years, whether that means in just this game or through a number of sequels is anyone’s guess, but more likely the latter considering their contract with new partners, Activision.

A small amount of gameplay is seen in the video, hopefully more will be unveiled between now and E3.

The game will be always on in a fully updating world, but Activision assured gamers that they have  “absolutely no plans to charge a subscription fee.”

So there it is, unlikely release this year, but Activision and Bungie have confirmed that it will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3

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