PlayStation 4 Announced

Sony have just announced the next generation of PlayStation 

The announcement was made at Sony’s Press conference in New York City.

We will update what is in the the new console as it is announced as well as the price:

The DualShock 4 was shown, very similar to the one leaked last week. It features a touchpad, light sensor and a headphone jack similar to that of the Xbox 360 controller.

They also announced a new way of downloading games in which you download just a small portion of the game and can effectively stream it from the PS Store, as well as may having a feature that will predict what games you are interested in and download them for you.

Another feature being added is the chance for a friend to pick up your controller through PSN if you are stuck on a difficult level. Also similar to the Wii U players can quicly change the screen they are playing on, but with a twist of that screen being a PS Vita.

According to IGN, PS3 games, digital or retail, will not work on the PS4 but PS2 remakes that you have downloaded will, which doesn’t make much sense to us. so essentially if you have downloaded award winning games like Journey and Fat Princess then you’ll have to play them on your PS3. But it isn’t all doom and gloom as Eurogamer have found out that used games will in fact work on the new console.

The PS4 has been confirmed for a “Holiday 2013” release date, but no price of yet.

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