The Walking Dead Is Coming To Retail In EU, AUS and NZ On May 10th

TellTale Games’ today made the announcement that Europe, Australia and New Zealand will be getting The Walking Dead series as retail games.

The Walking Dead game was originally an English-only digital download when the series debuted in April 2012. This new retail release, set to launch on May 10th, includes subtitled versions in French, Italian, German and Spanish for the first time. It compiles all 5 episodes in the critically-acclaimed first season of the game on one disc.

We previously had words from TellTales PR that Europe would be getting a retail version much like North America did, and now it seems our source was right

Whether Europe, Australia and New Zealand will be getting the Collectors Edition like North America which inclided The Walking Dead compendium One (Issues 1-48) is yet unknown, but we have reached out to TellTale to find out.

The Walking Dead retail version is set for release on May 10th for Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC


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